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We all know the NBA catch phrase, “I love this game,” somehow, this reminds me of the Ojays 80s single, “I Love Music.” I always say I do not listen to genres, I listen to music. Like Jay-Z says, there are only two types of music, good music and bad music. Continue reading



If you have read the San Tzu’s “Art of War” then you are aware that deception is one of the key factors to winning a war. From religion to politics to society deception is the game. Continue reading


We have all heard sex sells even that is a cliché, so indirectly that proves cliché sells. For those of us who did not pay attention in English class, a cliché is an overly used common phrase. King Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun, and with so many clichés this statement hits the nail on the head. Continue reading