There was a King who lived happily with his wife in a land of bliss known as Utopia. King Harry and his wife Queen Lydia were the perfect couple in many ways. They had a daughter Lydia whose fame about her beauty reached the whole world.

She was the fairest lady and all who laid gaze on her, could only but admire her beauty. Her admirers came from all walks of life many a great men tried to woe her. Her admirers stretched on to include nature, as birds would chirp happily above her head wherever she walked. Butterflies would settle on her dress whenever she would picnic in the woods. However, not everyone was happy Queen Lydia had been christened as the most beautiful lady before she arrived, and in a most foul and vile manner she had started to grow jealous of her own offspring. She didn’t understand why the world had turned its back on her. Thus, Queen Lydia consulted a sorcerer who lived in the tallest mountain Mt. Highness.

The sorcerer with a whimsical laugh and cauldrons full of potions banished the Princess to a cloud that travelled with the sun around the world. Her time was always fixed at 6 am in the morning. The cloud she was on resembled a butterfly and would be seen passing in the morning. She was imprisoned in a cloud made throne. The Queen soon found the world was not flocking to see her beauty once more, but were all mourning the loss of their Princess beloved. The king was the one who was most unhappy as he loved his daughter the most. He swore never to eat again until his daughter would be returned to him. It had been a week and the king’s plump body had turned into a skinny countenance with bones protruding everywhere you looked at him. However, he still would not eat, no matter the pleas of his servant or wife, he would let no morsel of food nor drink touch his lips. This greatly distressed the kingdom, as they wallowed at what would be a double tragedy as the princess was gone and the king was about to die of starvation.

The Princess would cry whenever he would cross Utopia as the tears would prove too much to carry. This tears had healing powers though they were tears of sorrow. One morning a young handsome, fearless, brave and the glory of men (I know I went a bit overboard) was injured in the hunt. David lay on his back and was waiting for the inevitable, as he looked to the sky he saw the butterfly shaped cloud and a tear drop found itself onto his chest where after a few minutes he was up and kicking. After being saved by the tear drop he swore to save the princess from her heavenly aboard.

Thus the young hunter started to follow the cloud’s route through Utopia in the early morning for a week. He then started to notice that the cloud would pass through a Mt. Highness. Thus our brave hero started to climb the mountain. However, his efforts did not go unnoticed as the sorcerer sent out ogres and serpents. Though the fearlessness of this monsters, our hero have encountered many daring situations on the hunt was unfazed with his bow and sword. Seeing that the Princess’s cloud was approaching he made his way to the sorcerer’s cave. Expecting to find a grotesque and damp cave, instead he found himself marvelling at the opulence of the sight he was gazing at. The cave would rival any palace any day as it was laid out like a King’s court with a single cloud-made throne. The sorcerer had taken the form of Princess Lydia and was seated at the throne.

In a deceptive ploy the sorcerer was hoping to kill the young hunter with one swoop before he knew what had happened. The hunter was jubilant and thought that this was a twist of good fortune, as he thought the sorcerer had ran away. He started to run towards the sorcerer, however before he could get any closer he saw a butterfly fly past the sorcerer and new at once that this wasn’t the queen. Within inches of the sorcerer he unsheathed his sword and placed the sword squarely on the sorcerer’s chest. The sorcerer immediately took back to her hideous form, with serpents where she was supposed to have hair. Before she died she uttered this words while gasping for whatever air she could get, “I wasn’t alone, the Queen had this done.” This would be her last words and almost simultaneously the Princess who was well over the tallest mountain fell from the sky like a feather onto the hands of the hero as her cloud and ceiling of the cave disappeared temporarily for her.

The hero returned to Utopia with the Princess to the adulation and joyous cheers of both men and animals. The King’s health almost immediately returned at seeing his daughter and he feasted on food befitting forty men. The queen however had a stroke and died. However, after the King knew of what the Queen had done his heart was at peace. The hunter David was made a Knight and given the hand of marriage of Lydia and they lived happy ever after.



I don’t know why I just don’t like reminiscing the past, I guess it’s because it usually mellows down my current reality. However, this doesn’t mean that I would vouch for amnesia either. Continue reading


The Croods Movie Poster

The Croods Movie Poster

Last week I gave a review on “Now You See Me,” this week I have decided to make a review on a great 3D animation. Some people have developed a negative attitude towards animation as they have grown older. I think a simple way to stay young is to watch animations. Continue reading