This is the second Poetry Thursdays, today we get in the mind of an adulterer. Cast the first stone if you have never sinned; having said that I hope you read this with an open mind.


Your credit card pays her bills,

Helps her move on four wheels,

Makes sure she’s on Jimmy Choo high heels,

She reminds you how high feels,

She makes golden drinks spill,

She is here till she gets her fill,


You tell yourself this will be the last time,

But every time you are with her its primetime,

Once done guilt hits you every time,

Ready to do the crime but not the time,

Your spouse is suspicious you are running out of time,

Because home is the last place you spend any time,


You tell so many lies you start to believe them,

Like a tailor you know each lie’s hem,

You tell them without feeling any shame,

You convince yourself your wife and kids are to blame,

You have given them so much they doused your flame,

So they should understand why she reignites your flame


Have you been unfaithful and is this poem true to the raft of emotions you experience? Give us a comment whether you are appreciative or are unconvinced by this poem. Check out tomorrow for a movie review on Now You See Me.

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