This is my first movie review, and I am excited about what I have written. Starting today expect a movie review every Friday, from now on. Any movie with Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise starring shouldn’t warrant any doubts in its production.



The plot is not easily intelligible to even the hardened sci-fi movie buffs. Not many will get the movie in their first viewing, but the special effects will keep you from losing interest. The movie is best summarized through this quote by Horatius “And how can man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his gods.”

The movie is set in post-apocalyptic New York, where it looks like a barren wasteland, with a run-down almost fully buried and shattered Empire State Building taking centre stage.

The story is set in 2077 with our protagonist being Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), who as the movie starts has suffered a mandatory memory wipe, and keeps on experiencing fragments of his memory through his dreams and a couple of flashbacks. Jack has been led to believe that an alien race known as the Scavengers (Scavs) attacked earth by destroying the moon after which earth tried to retaliate with nukes only to leave the planet barren, destitute and unhabitable. This left the human race with a victory, but at the same time with no option but to migrate to one of Saturn’s moons Titan. With the human race in Titan, Jack and his partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) have been left on earth to ensure that the hydro rigs, which are converting water to fusion energy are secured, and that the remnants of the Scavs don’t sabotage them. The rigs are sucking up the world’s oceans. Assisting in securing the rigs are drones. Jack is the technician who goes to ground to take care of all the drones, while Victoria provides support from the tower, throughout the movie she never goes down. Both of them get their commands from the Tet, a command centre over earth, with Sally the face of this institution.

Eventually, Jack has to come face to face with the reality that his world has been built on false notions, and that the survival of human race will depend on him.  The plot is really complicated which hurts the viewing experience a little bit, but also the way the story twists and turns makes it a novel watch. However, the sci-fi movie buffs are going to be in angst as there are no aliens in the whole movie. Well, you still got Star Wars and Star Trek for that.



The question we should be asking the cast Oblivion as well put by Sally from the Tet is, “Are you an effective team?” Some were efficient while others were the backbone of the movie.  Tom Cruise managed to take his role with his usual controlled demeanour, though I felt his movement while battling drones on his craft didn’t seem natural. Morgan Freeman put up a vintage act as always, and he seems to be aging gracefully. Another notable act was Sally whose Southern accent was more than “efficient.”

Olga was also great, but I take my hat off for Andrea Riseborough. I guess I am just a sucker for the British accent, but I believe she was the strongest act in this movie. Now before you judge me, it wasn’t because she exposed her back and bosom, though I didn’t hear anyone complain. The way she acted in a manner to suggest she was a jilted or rejected lover came out nicely. “It was always her,” “We are an effective team,” “Another day in paradise,” I believe she had a plethora of quotes that enriched the movie. I just won’t forget the look she wore whenever she said, “Jack,” in the midst of imminent danger or death.



The technology on display was great to watch. The world they created was quite appealing in a morbid way. From Jack’s craft to the cool foldable bike. The drones and even the Tet receive a thumbs up from me. The tower’s translucent swimming pool, got me thinking how I would love to live in the sky. The tower itself made me reminisce The Jetsons animation. The Scav suits looked misleadingly alien-like and considering it was set on the basis of war, making a fashion statement would be the last thing on anyone’s mind. However, if that is how they are going to dress in the future I hope to die in 2017. Special mention goes to the buried Brooklyn Bridge which looked amazing.



Well I decided if you weren’t happy with the ending we can make our own alternate ending. However, I have to stress that I immensely loved the ending and I know this leaves me susceptible to the wrath of the scriptwriter


Well after Jack and Beech take care of the Tet, Julia is confronted by a thousand of Jack’s clones. Thus, to allay their concerns he will spend different nights with each clone to see whom amongst the clones she truly loves. Eventually after being exhausted by each clone she decides to choose the clone with her favourite number. The other rejected clones then hatch a scheme to clone her which she accepts and everyone goes home happy. I wonder if they played in the same team in Basketball how you would commentate, “Jack 123 passes to Jack 145, oh but his fouled by Jack 234.”


When the Tet comes face to face with Tom Cruise, it shows him why he wanted to destroy the world. The Tet says it started from the bottom as a spoon then a crowbar then finding its way in a spacecraft on a mission to Pluto. Where it came across an alien object that gave it life and from then on it has wanted revenge for how the machines have been mistreated. After which Jack and Beech would blow it up. I know that would be quasi Matrix, but wait again the movie isn’t the movie about machines and humans?



The Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 59%, critics have varied reviews for both extremes. I say the storyline in my perspective was twisted enough to make it a great watch but a strain to comprehend. The movie’s visual effects, sound and production are generally its strength. It’s worth watching and has an enough compelling story. I give it 31/2 stars out of 5 stars. Tell me what you think, did you enjoy Oblivion?

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