Trust nobody not even your shadow it can be paid to kill you. Sleep with one eye open, your house can be robbed at any time. Do not walk on open spaces; walk on crowded places and buildings, as you can be abducted by aliens at any time. These are some of the things running on a mind filled with paranoia.

Paranoia in its truest form is just but fear. Paranoia is so closely associated with being insecure. A paranoid mind will always adopt the idea that they are out to get me. It tends to be a plethora of fear. It keeps on incurring crisis after crisis, which may be to the amusement of others except the victim himself.

Most conspiracy theories tend to have a tinge of paranoia in them. They do give one solid fact and spring up wild allegations about our current reality. With video, photo and audio editing software, conspiracy theorists have found it easier to tell their stories. Type “illuminati” on Youtube you will find so many conspiracies of how some of the elite have sold their souls to the devil.

From Jay-Z to Obama you will see snippets of play, pause, rewind and fast forward just to drive the point. I am not saying that there aren’t people who have sold their souls to the devil all I am saying is that if it is really true they have, they wouldn’t make it so obvious. Also, for you to be a member of the illuminati you have to be born of their bloodline. The secret society traces its bloodline to the nephilims who were the offspring of the fallen “sons of God” or angels. Check Genesis 6:4, so you cannot be inducted into this secret society if you are not of their bloodline.

Sometimes I sit down and I ponder at the musicians who are making it a point to utter blasphemies throughout all their records, and I tend to reach one conclusion, they are attention seeking. Where there is a clear antagonist like a dictator or an inquisition most of the musicians will sing of redemption, revolution and freedom. Look at Bob Marley, as he grew up facing racism, and also at the backdrop of most if any of the countries in Africa yet to be independent, he sung about the struggle and how Africa dreamt of its freedom. In peace there are no antagonist institutions to vent at, so there are two institutions that stand tall the government and religion. With an artiste looking to make their mark taking a swipe at the conventional way of thinking makes them look trendsetting and powerful. They take these shots because they want to generate controversy that will make their name stick on every tongue, thus, remaining relevant in their society. It is all a gimmick that I feel sadly for most of us including the conspiracy theorists fall for. We prefer to believe that the only reason they are successful is they sold their souls, thus, making us feel good about our own shortcomings. I wonder why it is harder to believe they toiled night and day to reach where they are, than to believe they sold their souls.

Area 51 will be on any ardent UFO junkie, as well as strange lights dancing in the night skies and alien abductions. Some say that aliens are demons who take up our bodies on their spaceships and conduct tests on our bodies, as they look for ways they can make bodies of their own. They believe the demons want to make bodies of their own so they can carry out a world invasion. Others say that the US government is working with aliens to develop new technologies that put it in the vanguard of new technological advances. No matter your belief even reading that just sounds a little ludicrous like a storyline for a good sci-fi flick.

Not that I am disproving everything conspiracy theories put up, but trust me if human beings cannot logically explain it, they will come up with a conspiracy theory for it, it is in our nature. However, when you make a conspiracy theory as the reason to why you are not successful than quite simply I feel that is more of an excuse than fact.

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