Names will always play a big part in shaping our destiny. You may be called after your grandfather or a great leader, all in the hope that you can bring back their great traits.

We all have that nickname that we absolutely loathed the first time we heard it. It was borderline blasphemy for our ears to bare such a repulsive vibration of sound directed at us. You hate it at first, but the more you react to it, the more people are quick to throw it at your face. Soon you just learn to accept it, and eventually it becomes a part of you now. When I was still in high school, I used to often experience my tongue slip, and I ended up getting a lot of stick for that. I even have a name that has stuck with me from that time, ‘py-tone’ instead of ‘python,’ do not ask how it happened it just did.

Moving on swiftly, the N word between two black people can be seen as a way of saying hi, but between races it is perceived as racial intolerance. I am going to be politically correct with this one, I believe that the intention behind using such a word should be judged, not the word itself. For instance peach means vagina in Albanian, while in English it means a fruit. However, that doesn’t make the word dirty, what does is the intention behind it. In some contexts bad words are used with the right intent and lose their vulgar properties, a good case point is the b word. The word nowadays is not even censored, “Son of a b…,” “She is such a b….” You may still cringe at the word, but well the word seems to be here with us to stay.

There is a classic track by Johnny Cash where he narrates the story of “A boy named Sue.” He tells of the tribulations of a young man as he looks for his father seeking revenge for having named him Sue. His father leaves him and his mom when his three years old. Before he goes, he leaves him an empty bottle of beer, a guitar and the worst, the name Sue. He goes through his life fighting at smirks, and blushing at giggles. He moves from town to town, and eventually he finds his father they brawl and reconcile. They reconcile after Sue’s father alludes to giving him that name, but says it was only to make him tough. The funniest bit of the song is when he finishes with saying if he ever gets a kid he will call him Bill or George, anything but Sue, he still hates that name. If you are planning to be a parent don’t name your kid Pamphlet Jones or Diaper Rotich, I mean your kid will come back to haunt you.

Some of us can accuse our parents for giving as the most distasteful names ever imagined, but even worse is what we call ourselves on social media. Breezy2Fly4, Swaggerlicious and BoggyManholic well you do have a right to expression, but keep in mind others have a right to pass judgment on you. Speaking from experience I know you can’t please everyone, but everything has to be done in moderation. To me if you still have such a name, probably you’re a teen still finding their feet or you have simply have refused to grow up. Such names spell out immaturity, or it could be someone’s doppelganger account, where one was born in 1901 and his hometown is Godwanaland and current town Laurasia.

Most nicknames are derived from our habits especially our quirks. If you like to arrive late on everything, probably you will be called slowpoke, but if you are always the first one in everything, than you will be called Speedy Gonzalez. If you love to eat all the time you may be called Chowder. The most infamous ones for adults is that your either a high roller or a loser no in-between.

Names are given to us to express our character. I recently watched Django and there is a part in the movie where he calls himself Django Freeman. Free Man rings any bell, it definitely does for a slave before the civil war to call himself that. Even in the Bible Moses asks God who he is called at the burning bush. Moses asks this, as a name usually tells you something about the person. God answers that He is called, “I am who I am,” check Exodus 3:14.

When it comes to music, I guess rock bands have some of the weirdest names ever coined Fallout Boy, Arctic Monkeys, 30 Seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamins etc. While rock takes it for the weirdest names hip-hop names sound a bit corny Yeezy, Drizzy, Weezy and Jeezy. While I feel country music names sound a little too formal Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Names will be what we leave behind when we are gone, a good case point Julius Cesar. Do you like your name or what name would have you have loved to get?


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