If you have read the San Tzu’s “Art of War” then you are aware that deception is one of the key factors to winning a war. From religion to politics to society deception is the game.

Deceive the masses to believing that you know what you are doing, but mostly of all make sure you deceive them to believe you have no weaknesses. With this they will worship you, talk of your legacy and erect statues in your honour.

We live at the mercy and behest of society thus cloaking our unpopular views and actions under prosperity and conformity. Like a trained magician we create the illusion we are one with the people, fight, idea or lover. But when it falls down we end up showing our true colours which are in such deep contrast to the image we may have created.

You can call it hypocrisy but from the keen eye it is how the game is played. Having moral and virtuous aspersions cast aside may lead to the detriment and distrust of your character if found out. Like most secular musicians they all started innocently singing for the church choir and they were brilliant. After the tutelage of the church they usually turn their backs on the church and start singing about sex, drugs and all manner of immoralities. The truth is that these artists know they need a platform where they can get their talent out, so they take care to give of the right image.

 When you speak of religion you have to be careful as most religions caution against hypocrisy. We all know how Jesus and Judas ended up, no need for a recap. Some use the church as a means rather than a calling as a way to boost their economic, social or political life. But it isn’t all negative when it comes to deception in the Good Book. We see Moses as he was a kid how he evaded the slaughter of pharaoh and how Abraham fearing death in Egypt lied that Sarah was his sister.

From the medieval times we know how courtiers laced their mouth with verbal candy so as to attain favors from Kings. They were not the only ones we had charlatans moving from city to city selling their so called panacea (cure-all). There were the infamous alchemists who claimed the existence of the philosopher’s stone, which was believed to turn any metal into gold. There were many doctors who claimed to cure you by the power of the moon or by magnetism it all happened and many were deceived.

Without deception probably we wouldn’t have great stories to write. Julius Cesar and Brutus just shows you one in a multitude of dangerous power games that were played to secure the throne.

 Ladies like to be deceived so much that they now sing for Mr. Wrong ask Mary J. Blige. She sings this line in her chorus “bad boys aint no good, good boys aint no fun” One trickery with girls is they like compliments whether it be true or not, you better take notice. In other words be the messenger of good news always and you would have found a shortcut to her heart.

Even Kanye West belts out this line in his collaborative single with Jay-Z, No Church in the Wild “deception is the only felony” The song sings about how religious dogmas should be ignored yet they are still worried about deception.

The Sawi tribe of New Papua Guinea is famous for how they “fattened with friendship”. This was how they would be treacherous and act as a friend to an opposing tribesman. After gaining the trust of the opposing tribesman they would then eat them as a whole village and often fighting for the victims different body parts.

Lastly let me talk of deception in sports, we all watched the Euro 2012 keenly. Game after game we watched and also read all the analysis and re-watched all the highlights just to feed our sporting hunger. Eventually Spain won the tourney and it was because of a clever use of deception. Cesc Fabregas was used as a false striker which baffled many opposing defenses as they were left unsure what to do against him.

Like it or not deception is an arsenal to anyone waging a war for success. Apologies last week I was a bit busy but I promise to post last week’s post this Thursday and thanks for your continued support D Sanity.


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